How You Can Help

This summer, on August 22nd, Les and Rob are longboarding across Kenya to raise awareness and funds for the Sauder Africa Initiative: Social Entrepreneurship 101. They have been directly involved in delivering business, entrepreneurship, business planning education and mentorship in Kenya and seen the benefits this can have for youth there.

The purpose of this skate adventure is to raise money to support the development of the Sauder Africa Initiative, a non-profit organization, working to launch a Centre for Entrepreneurship. This centre will provide stability and sustainability for the Kenyan youth who complete the SE101 course and seek to start-up their business plans. We believe that providing consistent and quality education and mentoring support opportunities year round in Kenya (rather than from Canada) will make even more meaningful and positive changes to the lives of these youths and future generations.

The money raised will be donated to the Sauder Africa Initiative (Fund T589 – Social Entrepreneurship 101: Africa) to support the SE101 program and help launch a permanent, year-round Centre for Entrepreneurship in Kenya.

The goal is to raise $20,000.

The challenge will be to longboard from Nairobi to Mombasa on the East Coast – about 480 Km. We will be filming the entire trip and updating the site with images, video and blogs of our experience as web-connectivity permits, but hopefully daily. Anyone and everyone can help us support our goal – all support is very much appreciated.

Ways you can help:

  • Donating money online or by cheque – we need it to teach the youth and open the centre. (over $25 is tax deductible!)
  • Donating in-kind for us to auction, use to teach, buy flights (air miles) or if you are connected in Kenya we can use all kinds of resources, please contact us.
  • Spreading the word throughout your community,  company, network, friends, and family, you give us a chance to promote our cause and maybe one of them will be able to help donate as well.

This will be an epic journey and an amazing experience for all of us who are involved. Rob and Les are adventurous, but not professional longboarder’s in any way. Please support our efforts and those of the Sauder Africa Initiative we support.